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Would You Let Your Man Take Your Weave Out?

Would You Let Your Man Take Your Weave Out?

There’s almost nothing more taxing than standing at the mirror with a comb and scissors removing your weave after a long work week. The weekends are the worst because instead of it being your time to “rest”, you’re uninstalling your weave and have to turn right back around to prep for a new install (or whatever hairstyle of your choice). It’s a tiring process that requires attention to detail to make sure you aren’t cutting or damaging your own hair along the way.

If you’re like me, it takes hours because my arms grow tired fast which leaves me taking multiple tv breaks, which then leads me to a few glasses of wine, only to convince myself that I might as well just call it a night and finish in the morning.

When my boyfriend and I first moved in together, he was often left bored or continuously bothering me about when I’d be done with my hair. After years of suffering by my lonesome, I figured, why not get some help? My mama (who lives directly next door) wanted nothing to do with “that hair stuff” as she herself shaved her head bald a few years back to avoid too much hair maintenance. The next best thing for me wasn’t too far away….my man. Yep you read that right. If you’re smart, you’d let your man help you too!

Listen, men are curious about our hair anyways. They have questions for days about what a wash-and-go is, why we wrap our hair at night, and how weaves and wigs work. Our hair is the 8th wonder of the world to them, might as well take advantage.

My man is a weave-removing pro now. He’s taken out braids and twists, and I’ve taught him how to cut the thread from a sew in with acute precision. . My man will sit and remove the braids that were under my weave and comb it out so I don’t have an issue with detangling. He’ll even go as far as helping me section my hair after a wash so I can twist it for an overnight air dry. Oh yes, he does it all. He’s the real MVP. Many may find it odd, but to me it helps save time, eases my aggravation (which easily passes on to him), and it’s an example of a giving and reciprocal relationship.

Ladies, how often do we cook our men’s meals and make sure they have what they need for work? What’s the difference in our acts of love for them versus what they do for us? Just because it’s hair should not exempt them from helping. Throw traditional gender roles out the window and let your hair down (literally)!

Would you let your man help take your weave out? Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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