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Mayvenn Men (Try To) Style Black Women's Hair For The First Time

Mayvenn Men (Try To) Style Black Women's Hair For The First Time

What happens when a CEO, a software engineer, a social media guru, and a video producer try to style black women's hair...for the first time?

Being a stylist is hard work, and no one appreciates them quite like we do here at Mayvenn.

'We see hair stylists and beauty professionals as some of the most important people we have in society. Everyone wants to look and feel their best, and go to either a stylist, barber or beauty professional to help them do this. They bring out the beauty and confidence in all of us, and we think that’s very important,' said Mayvenn CEO, Diishan Imira, in a recent article for ESSENCE magazine.

Since some of the Mayvenn men here at the office seem to constantly lament over how much time their girlfriends, mothers or sisters spend at the salon, we decided to put them to the test with a styling challenge! Diishan has already been crowned the 'Hair King of Silicon Valley' but will one of the other Mayvenn men take his throne? Let us know who you think was the best male hairdresser in the comments!

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