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Beauty Trends for the 2018 Holiday Season

Beauty Trends for the 2018 Holiday Season

With your showstopping fashions this holiday season, you’ll be in search of the perfect makeup to complete your look and take photos in as you share with your social media followers. The great thing about the holiday season is that depending on how daring or conservative your outfit is, you have the opportunity to go all out or keep it simple with your makeup. Here are a few makeup trends on the market for you to indulge in this holiday season.

Cranberry Matte Lip

This trend has always been a personal favorite of mine, I normally do a darker red or cranberry matte lip a lot anytime between November and January. However, I have noticed that cranberry is the color of the season and the matte lip is being worn by almost everyone. Not only does the color align well with this time of year, it’s also long-lasting, sexy, sultry and versatile, as it can be worn with just about every color. Every beauty brand has this shade in varying tones and colors. I purchased mine from MAC on a beauty bundle deal this holiday season with 4 matte dark lipstick shades for just $29.

Hues of Blue

When it comes to eye shadows specifically, blue is a popular color this season. You can go dramatic with hints of blue throughout your entire face (lips, eyes, and even your cheeks) or do a simple eye liner as a base for shadow and smokey eye. The great thing about blue is that it’s such a bold color that regardless of how you wear it, it’ll pop! Whatever way you choose to rock it, you won’t go wrong with adding blue to your face this Christmas or New Years Eve.

Shimmery Nails

I couldn’t wait until it was socially acceptable to add holiday-inspired glitter to my gel manicure. There’s something about your nails sparkling that makes you feel whole. Although it’s difficult to remove, it’s worth the added aggravation during soak-off. No matter if you decide to do a light pink or dark purple, as long as the color features an element of shine, you’re good to go!

Tinsel Hair

This term was new to me, but it makes perfect sense once it’s defined. Tinsel hair is another form of highlights, or colored tips, but for the holiday season. The color mimics the effect of ice by using thin strips of sparkling shades to create a shiny finish. It’s creator Kate Reid, global design director for Color.Me by Kevin Murphy, says the festive look "embodies sparkle and shine in every way." She recommends the technique most for girls who have shades of blonde (see, blondes do have more fun!), as it truly enhances the shade.

Which holiday beauty trends will you try this season?

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