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Add these Habits to Your Self-Care Routine

Add these Habits to Your Self-Care Routine

Far too often, we don’t take the time that we deserve to fulfill our wants and needs. The hustle and bustle of our daily lives leaves little room for catching up on all of our tasks, let alone on pampering! We see you and we understand. This season and always, we’re focusing on the importance of you. Mayvenn’s Self-Care Summer Giveaway is highlighting everything we love about ourselves and lets our inner beauty shine through. Every day this summer, we’re giving our amazing community the chance to win complimentary hair plus an appointment with a professional stylist! Keep checking back for our Self-Care Summer series and how to win.

As much as summer is good for a “turn up,” it’s nice to turn down once in a while in the form of self-care. Life is busy enough; creating a schedule that allows little time for yourself creates imbalance. It’s time to treat yourself and become your own best friend! Here are 6 self-care tips to include in your routine. 

Turn the cellphone off!

It may seem impossible, but I promise it’s worth it! We spend way too much time on our phones because, well, most of us have to. Our phones are connected to our emails, texts, banking apps, apps to pay bills, health information...they’re practically our entire lives. But, we need a break from the screen time and everything attached to it. While you may not be able to take a full day away from your phone, you can limit yourself to how much time you spend on it. A good habit that I developed is setting a time limit on all social media apps for the day. To ensure I don’t spend the time on my phone that should be spent sleeping, I take the extreme measure to put my phone on the opposite side of my bedroom so that I don’t feel inclined to travel out of my bed to use it (I know it’s lazy). Whatever method works, please find one. 

(photo: Shelah Marie)

Start and end your day with meditation

This works well to wind down and prep for whatever chaos may ensue throughout the day. Meditation doesn’t have to be limited to the traditional routes you may think about, such as yoga or guided mantras. It can be anything from listening to music, journaling, saging your home or whatever works for you. It allows you to decompress and relax when necessary. You can also utilize it in the middle of the day to regroup. 

Take a lunch break during work

Millennials have gotten into the habit of overworking themselves, despite living up to the motto of “work hard, play harder.” While we work like crazy and that should be admired, working through lunch breaks is not acceptable. An hour or half-hour break, whichever allotted, will not interfere with your work assignments. Whatever is required to be completed can be finished after your lunch break. You’ll burn yourself out and your workweek will drag out. Take the break, girl! If you decide not to take a full lunch break, at least take a 10-15 minute walk to clear your mind. 

Daily Affirmations

There is nothing wrong with being your own cheerleader. Set daily reminders on that cell phone you’re attached to so that the first thing you see after you cancel that alarm in the morning is something that’ll boost your confidence for the start of your day! Add post-it notes around your home that you’ll encounter to remind yourself of how bomb you are. It may seem simple, but it will do more for you than you can imagine. The more positivity you see surrounding yourself, the more you’ll believe and apply it. 

Say No To Events You DON’T Want to Attend

I’ve learned how to do this and it’s been so freeing. I use to go to friends’ or family functions out of obligation, simply because I thought I was actually obligated to attend. I would stay at events unhappy and come home pissed at myself that I wasted a great evening doing something I did not want to do. Thank God I know better now. I’d rather spend time doing things I actually enjoy or just relaxing at home. Your friends or family may tell you that their events are “just an hour,” but it’s an hour of precious time that you won’t get back. Be picky about where you spend your time and who you spend your time with. 

Free Bundles and an Install from Mayvenn

In case you didn’t know that Mayvenn has a summer contest for you to win free bundles and an install, the cat is out of the bag! Win free bundles of your choice and receive a shampoo, conditioner, braid down, sew-in and style from a certified Mayvenn stylist. Now, that’s what you call self-care! Visit our Instagram page daily to enter!

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