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Add Some Fireworks To Your 4th Of July With These Fashion Tips

Add Some Fireworks To Your 4th Of July With These Fashion Tips

4th of July is quickly approaching, and I cringe when I imagine the fashions I’ll see on my city’s streets: girls dressed in red, white and blue with stars from head to toe, trying their hardest to mimic the American flag. Ladies, fashion has progressed and there’s enough options to choose from! Please spare me this year by dressing as our nation’s flag. 

There are ways to incorporate the holiday without American flag print shorts, tank tops and sneakers. Seriously, it’s an eyesore and also sophomoric. While I understand being festive, let’s merge that with looking cute too. Let’s be patriotic without being cheesy.

Here are a few ways to bring some spark to your look this 4th of July without overdoing it.

**A pastel red, white and blue two piece **

This denim two piece incorporates the color scheme of the holiday, but on a softer note. It’ll be hot, so shorts and a crop top will be perfect for the weather and honors Independence Day. It’s versatile enough to be worn to a cookout, festival or the beach. Throw on a fashion flop hat, a pair of cute skippy sneakers or sandals and your cutest pair of sunglasses and you’re ready to go. Simple yet chic! 

Labels can work

Tommy Hilfiger’s branding is perfect as it already mimics the American flag with its deep red, white and blue colors. Thankfully, there aren’t any stars in this sweatshirt or it would be overkill. The style is simple, cute and comfy and can be worn throughout the day.

Red, white, blue and floral

Stick to the red white and/or blue color scheme with a stand out floral. That way, you embrace the theme without going overboard. Pair it with simple, neutral shoes and a fanny pack and head to your event! 

Separate pieces

Color Me Courtney: All American Girl

For an alternative take on red white and blue, try bringing the colors together separately throughout your look. You can go for a blue and white striped shirt accented with white jeans and a pop of red with your sunglasses or lipstick. This is bringing runway to the holiday!  

Which looks will you try this 4th of July holiday?

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