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8 Instagrammers Who Make Traveling Look Absolutely Magical

8 Instagrammers Who Make Traveling Look Absolutely Magical

Traveling is intimidating for an endless list of reasons, and it can be even more so when you’re a black woman. Worst case scenario, you’re mistreated by locals. Best case scenario, they mistake you for Beyoncé because they can’t tell black people apart. (Happens all the time.)

But there’s a whole world out there, and the possibility of discomfort or negativity just doesn’t counteract the amount of magic that you can experience when you go to a new country. That being said, it’s really encouraging to follow the experiences of seasoned black female travelers. They make it look easy – and they also keep it real.

Here are 8 amazing Instagram pages who will definitely inspire your next vacation.

  1. **** @spiritedpursuit
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    Back to jungle living for a bit ? // #spiritedpursuit

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    Lee Litumbe, or @spiritedpursuit as she’s more widely known, is a self-taught photographer, but you wouldn’t guess that from the absolutely stunning photos on her Instagram. Lee posts photos from the desert, the beach, the cute boutique hotel, the colorful fruit market – basically everywhere you can imagine, and she makes you wish that you were along for the ride. A native Cameroonian, Lee is an especially good resource for traveling the African continent, from Morocco to South Africa.

    1. **** @asiyami_gold
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      On investing in friendships with women: I was raised by two altruistic parents who accepted everyone despite their background. Having a heart bigger than yourself can always be either misconstrued as a symbol of weakness therefore people who fall in this category often get taken advantage of. One of the things I Iove about this platform is the opportunity it gives me to meet and connect with strangers but, If I’m being completely transparent I have been apprehensive for a while to connect with people offline because I never fully trust the intent behind the communion. I have been traumatized by my relationship with women in this space that I found myself becoming a shell of who I knew myself to be. I spent most of my time last year examining those failed “sisterhoods” vs the successful ones and what I found common amongst the successful relationships is that those women know who they are in the world, they are dope AF, unashamed of their flaws and are unthreatened by the fullness of the lives of others because it doesn’t take away from theirs, instead it adds to it because when one person wins the energy is shared amongst all. Having this platform is sort of a catch 22. I don’t believe in friendships for the sake of leveraging, I desire to connect with people who do more of the work in the real world than they do online. As apprehensive as I have been, I recently allowed myself to throw caution to the wind. I met and connected with some beautiful souls recently who have fostered a deeper appreciation for the women in my life. I observed the sisterly dynamics between @itsarchel and @kristinslifeinpics; indeed it was beautiful seeing two women who had never met each other come together to uplift and empower one another. I sat amongst women who were accepting and allowed themselves to meet me where I was at. “Sisterhood”, it’s not about posting pictures online to express your love for one another, it’s an altruistic act of being of service regardless of what is in it for you from the transaction. It is about supporting your “sister” amongst other’s, even in her absence and above all showing up for your “sister” in real time.

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      With over 200,000 Instagram followers, Asiyami Gold’s page is almost too good to be true. Not only has she been everywhere from Portugal to Bermuda, but her hair, makeup, and outfits are always on point. Each photo looks like actual art. It’s not surprising that Asiyami also owns a creative agency by the same name.

      1. **** @yagazieemezi
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        This was the best birthday/week I’ve had in my entire life (seriously). It’s also the last I will celebrate (story for another time) so maybe the savoring of all other good things is already in effect. I’ve been so full of happiness these last several days. I know it’s not from an independent source - it is very much from my dear friends and family who just about daily, let me know in one form or another how loved I am. Then it’s from people I’ve never met who reach out and share their kindness and words with me, thank you. And of course, it’s me. Years ago, I realized that I was becoming the woman I always imagined I could be and I’m still on that path. To instinctively trust yourself first is really a gift. It will take a lot to shake you. You will know how to treat people, how to be kind to yourself, how to not keep apologizing, how to stand. Know yourself, know yourself, know yourself. And if you don’t, find yourself before anything else. I am grateful to have seen myself such a long time ago and have rarely lost sight of that. Captured by sugar @sustainably_vegan #dadrama

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        Yagazie Emezi is a photographer, not a travel blogger per se. But she’s a nomad at heart who never seems to stay in the same place for long. Since photography is her specialty, she has a unique knack for capturing the hearts and spirits of the places she visits. This talented artist has been commissioned by the New York Times, Vogue, and other publications for her work.

        1. **** @sarforre
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          Let’s Address This: I recently received an incredibly kind message in response to announcing my Running Michigan project. I was so moved by the gesture and yet soo compelled to share a few words of encouragement with the sender. ➰ A portion of the message read: “ Congrats also on getting the opportunity for such a great project! I graduated and have yet to find anyone willing to employ me for what I want to do seriously. Yay for you! “ ➰ So, lets address this: I did not “get” this opportunity I created it. ➰ I want each and every person I ever encounter to understand that no two people are ever truly endowed with more or less than another. Intrinsically you are just as capable, I promise. Prosperity is an inside, very personal job. ➰ Points to Ponder: ➰ 1. Each and everyday is a chance to call your highest self forward: Whatever comes to you is uniquely designed and inspired by your inner self, all divinity conspiring through your imagination. Listen to that, there you will find and create opportunities ➰ 2. It will not be labeled opportunity: Remember the greatest opportunities often emerge from the most unprepossessing moments. You must look, inward then out. Always. ➰ 3. “ For people just waiting …. Waiting for a train to go or a bus to come, or a plane to go… or waiting around for a Yes or No. Everyone is just waiting.” : Perhaps the greatest gift I have ever given myself is self-trust. My self statement constantly affirming that I have what it takes to figure out what to do. I am careful with what I allow into my mental space. Planting only seeds of prosperity in mental garden. ➰ Photo ?: @julieahotz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #earthfocus #moodygrams #agameoftones#watchthisinstagood #stayandwander #thelensbible #collectivelycreate #livefolk #visualscollective #film#camping #roamtheplanet#lookslikefilm #optoutside #folk #vscocam #watchthisinstagood#exploretocreate #vscogrid #wildernessculture #igmasters #vsco #beautifuldestinations #rei1440project #artofvisuals

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          Sarah Forrest isn’t the type of travel blogger who constantly runs from country to country. She’s more of an outdoor adventure, sleeping-in-my-Subaru type of traveler. Sarah posts captivating photos of her travels to places like Big Bend, Wenatchee National Forest in Washington, and the Bonneville Salt Flats. There’s so much to see in our giant, beautiful home country, and Sarah’s page makes that clear!

          1. **** @being_her

            This lovely page is run by not one, but two black travelers – Eritrean and Ethiopian sisters, Hermon and Heroda. They’re twins, and they also happen to be deaf. Hermon and Heroda are based in the UK, but their travels bring them all over the world. One glance at their page will have you checking plane ticket prices to Dubai. Or Santorini. Or Marrakech. Or...

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            ]([WHAT UP, NAWLINS?! My second time back to this city is post-Mardi Gras because I want to actually remember the trip ? As I do in any city upon arrival, I set out early in the morning to explore, get lost, and discover some gems. Nearly everyone in my path greeted me at the wee hours of 7am, and I later learned everyone is so polite because of their upbringing, or because they're drunk. I'd say it was about 50/50 ? Excited to share everything I got up to through some fun photos and videos in partnership with @VisitNewOrleans. That #OneTimeInNOLA I was reminded that the proper way to eat a po boy, is with your entire face. That #OneTimeInNOLA I skipped out on Bourbon Street and strolled down Frenchmen instead. That #OneTimeInNOLA I spent 5 hours in the WWII Museum and still ran out of time. That #OneTimeInNOLA I found the most beauty in The Bywater. That #OneTimeInNOLA I learned that I could live off gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans and rice. To call New Orleans the Culinary Capital and Heartbeart of the South feels like an understatement, but here we are ? Mural Location: Magazine & Josephine Street Dress: (linked in stories) #ad | #VisitNewOrleans | #GreetingsTour | #BackOnTheRoad](

            A post shared by Gloria Atanmo, The Blog Abroad (@glographics) on

            1. ** @glographics

            Gloria Atanmo, the brains behind @glographics, has been to 73 countries and counting. With a huge, pure smile on her face at all times, she makes traveling while black look like a dream come true. Her motto is simple, and it shines through every photo she posts: “Life is short. See the world. Spread joy.”

            1. **** @hey_ciara
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              Spent the the month of January in Texas to slow down, reflect, and plan for 2019. Couldn’t think of a better place than the DR to kick off my 2019 travels. With that being said i wanted to share an international departure checklist. There are a few things to remember/check before departing. You can always learn from my mistakes ? save this post for future reference! . . Triple check travel documents(passport, expiration date, visa, etc.) | I wasn’t happy when I arrived at the Vietnam airport only to discover that I needed to pre-order my visa before arrival. Unlike other countries in South East Asia, I couldn’t apply for a visa in the airport. This major mistake resulted in a loss of hundreds of dollars and several lost travel days. Don’t be like me. Triple check the requirements for all travel documents. . . Flight Info & Baggage Allowance | When flight check-in begins AND ends, Gate closure time, Airport size & terminal details when you have a layover, Baggage weight allowance, bag prices, & overweight fees - especially when traveling on budget airlines, Airport location, Cost of ground transportation from the airport to your accommodation once you land, Check entry & exit fees for the country you plan to visit. I’ve missed a flight or two because bags were required to be checked 45 minutes before departure or the gate closed just 2 minutes before I made it. Hey - I never claimed to be a perfect traveler! . . Update your mobile plan | Contact your mobile provider for international coverage costs and available plans for you to use overseas. I personally have T-mobile, which offers free international data and texting. It usually helps to put your phone on airplane mode and only use wi-fi, to avoid data roaming costs. Alternatively, you could purchase an in-country sim card once you land. . . Call Your Bank | Imagine trying to take cash out of an ATM to buy that delicious coconut gelato only to realise that your debit card is blocked. Been there, done that. . . Buy travel insurance, refill prescriptions, research cultural customs, but an international adapter,& check for travel vaccines! Happy travels! Have you made any of these mistakes? I can’t be alone!

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              Ciara Johnson is a native of Houston, Texas who used to work in HR. Her travel journey started with a one-way ticket to Mexico and just never stopped. Ciara prides herself on not only traveling the world and making it look cute, but also on advising other women on how to do the same. If you want to travel more and need that push to just start, Ciara is your girl.

              1. **** @oneikatraveller

                Oneika Raymond has an impressive travel resume. She’s been to 113 countries and counting! (Only 85 left to go!). She hosts a digital show on the Travel Channel and she’s won awards for her travel journalism. Oneika’s page is gorgeous, but in a more natural and less curated way than some other travel bloggers. You can totally picture yourself in her shoes one day – surrounded by yourBFFs on a girls’ trip to Ghana.

                What’s your dream destination? Tell us below!

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