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8 Beginner-Friendly Protective Styles to Try at Home

8 Beginner-Friendly Protective Styles to Try at Home

As we ease into another day of the 2020 quarantine, many of us are starting to wonder, what should we do next with our hair? Especially since most salons across the country are indefinitely closed.

Maybe you started quarantine with a protective style that is clearly on life support now. Maybe you’ve been rocking your natural hair for a minute and want to stay at home with a style that stays put. Or, maybe you have copious amounts of free time and want to try something new.

Whatever your reason may be, quarantine could be a great time to try out a new protective style. While some protective styles may seem tricky (I’m looking at you, microbraids), there are easy and stylish protective styles that are cute and beginner-friendly. Girls who can’t grip can still rock a cool ‘do! Read on to learn about 8 protective styles to update your look while we stay at home.

For those who want to rock with their natural tresses

Mini Twists

Mini twists are a super easy and cute protective style that pretty much anyone can do! This style involves taking in sections of your hair and twisting them. This style can be dolled up on its own or easily thrown under a cute headwrap or wig!

Finger Coils

If you want to try out a loc look on your natural hair without fully committing to them, finger coils should be the next protective style you try. This style involves sectioning your hair and coiling until you get your desired spirals.

Box Braids

Yes, you can box braid your own hair! Box braiding your hair can give you a more natural version of the classic box braid style (while also not requiring expert-level grip). This style is a classic way to show your natural hair some love.

For those who want to add in some inches

Rubber Band Jumbo Twists

One of the simplest and speediest protective styles you can do are Rubber Band Jumbo Twists. This hairstyle is fast to do, very easy and doesn’t require too many supplies. This is a great starter style for anyone who has no prior experience with braiding or twisting.

Passion Twists

If you’re in the mood for a very bohemian look, you have to try out passion twists. There are a number of ways that this style can be done, but one of the easiest methods is to use rubber bands. This style does require you to use curly crochet hair instead of standard braiding hair. One of the perks of Passion Twists is that their boho nature is super forgiving, so they can still look good when the style turns frizzy or is left in for a longer amount of time than other protective styles.

Rubber Band Jumbo Box Braids

If you want a more classic box braid look that’s easy to do, try out the rubber band Jumbo Box Braids style. You’ll be looking like Janet in Poetic Justice in no time!

Knotless Braids

Now if you have A LOT of time on your hands, trying out a knotless braid style could be for you. Unlike traditional box braids, knotless braids begin with you braiding your own hair at the base and then adding attachment as you go along. This beautiful and intricate style takes a minute, but what better time than now to try it out?

Braided Ponytail

Everyone knows of THAT iconic photo of Sade Adu with a braided ponytail. It’s a classic and timeless protective style, that’s also super easy (and cheap) to do. All this style requires is to brush your natural hair down into a low bun and attach braiding hair to create a braided ponytail.






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