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5 Kidpreneurs Who are Killing the Hair Game Right Now

5 Kidpreneurs Who are Killing the Hair Game Right Now

I remember the ripe old age of ten. My days were filled with schoolwork, riding bikes around the neighborhood, and playing hairdresser with my dolls. I might have thought about opening a summer lemonade stand, but operating a successful, income-generating business was surely the farthest thing from my mind.

Today’s kids are much different. More and more children are owning businesses and creating startups. With the help of technology and their parents’ support, there are many opportunities for kidpreneurs to start businesses. In fact, having a business is a great way to teach kids responsibility. It is also an outlet for learning financial literacy and channeling creativity and productivity.

The hair and beauty industry is no different – it is brimming with pint-sized, trailblazing talent. Whether it’s styling, developing products, or speaking about hair, here are just a few kidpreneurs who are crushing the industry right now.

1. Gabrielle Goodwin

Since the age of 7, girl boss Gabrielle Goodwin and her mom have dedicated their time to solving the classic case of the missing burette. As the founder and CEO of GaBBY Bows, they created the first double-face and double-sided non-slip barrette, landing a major retail deal with Target at the impressive age of 12.

2. Leanna Archer

Hair care has always been essential for this entrepreneur. She created Leanna’s Essentials, a line of 100% all natural hair and skin products, at the age of 9 and now spends her time as a motivational speaker for other young entrepreneurs.

3. Neijie Graham

Setting the record for the world’s youngest barber, 9-year-old Neijie Graham is connecting more than just hairlines in her west philadelphia community. At 7 years old she began learning the craft of barbering and now uses her skills to provide free haircuts for the homeless in Philly.

4. Super Kuteez

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9 and 7 year old sisters Keanu & Klaya Taylor have always had a passion for fashion and all things crafty. Following the creation of their youtube channel, they launched Super Kuteez, a line of super fun and creative hair bows, accessories, and clothing.

5. Zandra Beauty

Frustrated with her own skin care routine struggle, 10-year-old Zandra Azariah Cunningham began creating plant based lip and skin products that can be used as a healthy alternative to many irritant filled commercial products. She now uses her brand to educate and inspire girls and women to take control of their skin care and take back their confidence.

I’m sure there are many more young minds ushering in the next generation of talent in the hair and beauty industry. Let’s give a round of applause for these young people for inspiring other children to dream. Juggling family, school, and business – all while securing the bag – that’s definitely something to be proud of.

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