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2019 Wedding Trend Must Haves

2019 Wedding Trend Must Haves

I took a Magazine Article Writing class during my junior year of college. On the first day, our professor gave us a pop quiz and the first question was: “What’s the top selling magazine genre?” I assumed it was anything related to pop culture. To my surprise, it was bridal. Why? Because according to my professor, “When a woman is getting married, they don’t just buy one bridal magazine. They buy them all!” Looking back now, it makes since.

There are so many different bridal magazines. Some are dress catalogues, others are centered around floral arrangements, others for venue options...the list goes on. A bride wants to have a variety to choose from, they want the best. And, more than likely, they want the most for their big day.

Nowadays, brides aren’t flocking to the traditional “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” theme. They may incorporate traditional elements but most weddings are custom-made for the couple (or at least the bridezillas). Weddings today are complete productions, no matter how big or small.

In honor of the quickly approaching wedding season, here’s a guide of wedding trends to consider including in your big day. I hope it helps all of the soon-to-be brides!


Dark and Edgy Color Palettes

Remember the days where the color schemes for weddings were “romantic” shades of pink, blush, yellow and any other lighter or softer toned option? Well, not anymore. Event designer Jessica Sloane says that weddings "are getting edgier.” Receptions and even bridal/groom parties are incorporating darker shades of silver, gray and yes even black. Wendy Kay of Birds of a Feather Events agrees with Sloane, noting that couples are more "adventurous with palettes" by "mixing colors that traditionally would not go together."


The Classics

While edgier wedding attire and decor is on the rise, many brides are still sticking to the more traditional or classic theme. Formal and evening weddings with simple elements are brides’ top choices. According to UK Bridal Magazine, extravagant bridal dresses with swarovski crystals, low necklines, lace and sparkle are being traded in for simpler bridal gowns. The poster girl for this trend is Meghan Markle, with her striking yet simple bracelet-sleeved, bateau-necked ceremony gown and halter neck reception dress. I’m here for it. For me personally, I’d want to look back on my wedding for years to come and look timeless versus gaudy. The wedding is for one day. Make it count.


Dramatic Wedding Cakes

I can do without this one because I haven’t ever tasted a cake from a wedding reception that was one to brag about, but the cake is a huge staple piece of the wedding. According to wedding planners this year, the more extravagant the cake, the better. In 2018, dessert displays with an assortment of treats versus one large cake was dominant during wedding season. But Amber Karson of Karson Butler Events says that more and more couples are "trending back towards splurging on one big focal statement cake instead." 2018's royal weddings are inspiring couples to make more opulent choices. Metallic touches, personalised monograms and regal piping will be on everyone's cake agenda.


Bring the Outside In

One of the risks of having an outdoor wedding is unpredictable weather. No one, whether it's the wedding party or guests, wants to sit in extreme cold, heat, or get soaked in the rain. Wedding planners are predicting that more indoor weddings will incorporate outdoor elements, they’ll make all of your outdoor dreams come true. Experts say you can add whimsical and romantic florals to tents, create floral designs at the altar or down the aisles, or include dramatic floral arrangements on all reception tables. It’s a good compromise!

Illustrated Invitations

We live in such a digital world that I assumed you could just send an evite to everyone for your wedding, but apparently, couples continue to spend money on monogrammed invitations, elaborate save the dates, and other printing costs. Wedding invitations are said to be one of the few forms of mail we receive these days and brides are excited to enlist the help of artists for hand-illustrated designs.  “It makes the stationery really personal and is a great way to get your guests excited about the big day," says Florence Pickard Price of Beija Flor Studio. According to Vaishali Shah, a Designer at Ananya Cards, it’s now common for illustrations to be used throughout a wedding stationery suite. "[They] can even be used as a unifying narrative throughout the décor."


What will your dream wedding look like? Let us know in the comments!

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