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Closures 101:

How to Choose Your Silk or Lace Closure

Installed on the crown or side of your head, our 4x4 inch virgin human hair closures blend perfectly with Mayvenn bundles for a seamless low maintenance style. Before selecting your closure, consider these factors to make the best decision:

lace closure vs lace frontal?

Both lace closures and lace frontals mimic natural hairlines and close off bundles. Deciding between closures vs. frontals really comes down to factors like budget, maintenance and which way you’re planning to style your hair.


The origin of your silk or lace closure determines the thickness and density of your look. From thick and smooth to light and bouncy, Mayvenn offers hair closures in Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Indian origins.


With 8 different textures to choose from, Mayvenn’s closures give you the freedom to choose your dream look. From straight to curly and everything in between, select the perfect silk or lace closure to complement your bundles.

want more info on silk and lace closures?

Closure or frontal? Silk or lace? Brazilian or Peruvian? So many choices. Thankfully, Customer Service is here to help. Our team is ready to answer all your questions about closures so connect with us today for more information!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The hairline on Mayvenn's closures isn't pre-plucked, but it can be fully customized so that the closure can fit your desired look.
No, the knots on the closures are not pre-bleached so that they can be customized to match your skin tone. Need help learning how to bleach a closure ? One of our Mayvenn Certified Stylists can help you customize your closure with quality, professional products.
The longevity of your closure depends largely on your care and maintenance at home. Making sure that it's properly detangled, the knots aren't over processed, and that it's protected from heat damage all help your closure last throughout your entire install!
No, it's best to not re-use your closure - unless you've used it to create a custom wig that you can take on and off. Getting a fresh closure for each install ensures that your look will last!
To achieve a full look with a closure, you don't need as many bundles as you normally would. How many bundles do you need ? Usually 2-4 bundles will work for a full closure install - the longer the bundles, the more you'll need to complete your look.
On a lace closure, the hair is attached directly to the lace base. On a silk closure, there is a small piece of neutral-colored silk on top of the lace that is meant to mimic a natural scalp. People that prefer lace closures like that the closure lays flatter and that the lace and amount of bleaching for the knots can be customized based on the client's skin tone. On the other hand, the knots on silk closures aren't visible and do not require any bleaching or customization, but the material is thicker and it's harder to lay flat. Deciding which kind of closure to use depends on personal preference and desired look.
Yes, you can part a closure anywhere on its 4"x4" of parting space. This means that you can achieve a side or middle part with ease!
Yes! Our closures are made of 100% virgin human hair, so they can be styled exactly like your own hair. Blow dry it, iron it, curl it - just be sure to use a heat protectant spray!
Mayvenn offers free standard shipping on all orders, no minimum necessary. This product usually takes 7-10 business days.

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