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How do I color-match my hair for extensions?
What are the differences between each wig collection?
Mayvenn Saloon Lifestyle
Mayvenn Saloon Lifestyle
Which texture matches my hair type?
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Mayvenn hairstylists are certified experts with 10+ years of experience. They’ve got what it takes to answer your questions and can help you ensure your new look will last.
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Customer Reviews
Here's how we've helped hundreds of customers find their dream look.
I didn't know what to buy!
"I was ready for a new texture, but I didn't know what to buy. The stylist helped me match my leave out and now I'm just ready for my appointment."
- Marlene S. from Dallas, Texas
I had questions about haircare.
"I had questions about haircare before I purchased. That made me hesitant to buy. The video chat option made it so easy to pick out my next low maintenance look!"
- Sharai G. from Plainfield, New Jersey
A real person who understood how important hair is.
"Talking to a real person who understood how important hair is made all the difference. The stylist was knowledgeable and easy to talk to."
- Cass J. from Oakland, California