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So Long, Free Install

After speaking with our stylists and customers, we learned that our Free Install program fell short of our goals. We can do better, so our teams are working hard to improve our hair and service offerings. In the meantime, you can still purchase hair and view our directory of stylists near you upon purchase.

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What do I do with my voucher?

If you have a Free Install voucher, please book your appointment with your preferred stylist ASAP. Vouchers expire six months after purchase and are not redeemable after the expiration date.

An explanation of the expiration of your voucher
What does this mean for customers?
Schedule Your Free Install
Book your preferred stylist while they’re still available.
Last Date to Redeem Voucher
Vouchers expire six months after purchase and are not redeemable after the expiration date.
Find Stylists Near You
We’ll continue to connect you to local stylists through our stylist directory when your order is placed.
What does this mean for stylists?
Get Paid
We’ll wait a few months before converting your website so you’ll still be able to redeem any outstanding vouchers 6 months from purchase. No later than March 1st, 2023.
Continued Partnership
We promise to continue to innovate to help stylists gain more customers, building more tools to help grow your business and will start offering educational classes to advance your skills. Are there any skills you are interested in learning more about?
Coming Soon!
When the Free Install program ends, we’ll convert your website. Be sure to check in with concierge when you're ready. We have lots of new products coming soon!

Additional Questions

What happens if I don't use my voucher by the expiration date?

Vouchers cannot be used after the expiration date. We are changing our systems and will no longer be able to support vouchers after they expire.

What are my options once Free Install is gone?

You can continue to shop for hair online and in-store, and we’ll continue to provide the education and inspiration you need for your dream look. We’ll also provide a stylist directory where you can browse local stylists to service you upon purchasing. Please contact customer support if you have any questions. 
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