*Have you ever needed to get your hair done, but you might've not had access to a car or just didn't feel like driving to the salon? Today, we have the co-founder of Bantu, Meron, to share her experience using a mobile hair stylist. *

Hello, Real Beauties!

I’m Meron, co-founder of Bantu, checking in to tell you about my amazing experience with a mobile hair stylist service. First, a bit about me. I travel… often on the fly, and I’m looking to add more destinations under my belt. Between work, school, and my side-hustle, there’s usually not  a lot of time for planning. There’s even less time left over to try anything interesting with my hair - I’ve been known to rock my wash and go everywhere.

That all changed this past summer. My best friend and I went to AfroPunk and wanted to try something new for the occasion. We both had specific looks in mind, and we were able to browse through the pics and locate a stylist on the Bantu app. We chose TresseNoire because we liked the quality of their hair pictures so we set up a time and date. It was such a breeze! We got an email confirming our appointment and what to expect.

We got to New York, dropped off our luggage and spent the day shopping and roaming the streets of Manhattan, Harlem and Brooklyn (we were ambitious)! Our TresseNoire stylist arrived at 8 a.m. the next day. She was very punctual and super friendly even though we were running on about three hours of sleep (and I am by no means a morning person). She did both of our hairstyles in no time at all, and she took the time to educate us on the products she was using and how to maintain our styles. Being a visitor to the city, I appreciated that she took her time with us and the fact that I could get serviced in the comfort of my own home (well, er hotel room).

Here is our before picture:

Photo: Bantu

And after:

Photo: Bantu

Long and majestic.

Photo: Bantu

A close-up of the goddess braid.

Photo: Bantu

Photo: Bantu

Is the future of hairstyling mobile? I think it is. I’ve had my hair done in salons before, and I’ve even travelled to stylists’ homes. This experience was my first taste of having someone come to me, and I think it was amazing!

What do you ladies think? Have you ever tried a mobile hairstylist? How was your experience? Comment below or email us at hello@bantuapp.com. We’d love to hear your story!

To find a mobile hair stylist in your area, try the Bantu App free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.