We’ve added four new services to our list of salon booking options. For the first time ever, you don’t need to purchase Mayvenn hair to book with our stylists - just pick your service, and go! Our nationwide network of certified stylists are ready to do a Braid Down, Silk Press, Weave Maintenance, or Wig Install service, all supported by our concierge team and quality-guaranteed.

This is our first time offering a service for natural hair, and this is just the beginning (hint, hint).

How does it work?

Head to our site and choose Salon Services from the menu, then pick your service. Next, you’ll see which stylists are nearby and decide who you want to book. After you pick your stylist, our concierge team will connect you with your stylist to set up your appointment.

The best part? We’ll send you a prepaid voucher to cover the cost, so your payment is taken care of when your stylist scans it in the salon. Love the service? Tips are always welcomed and a great way to show that you're feeling your new look. Appointments are available now and are following the rules for each state’s new normal.

Are stylists taking extra safety precautions as salons open back up?

Your safety is our top priority; we’re committed to the health and safety of our clients and stylists. We require all stylists to wear masks, and encourage clients to do the same.

What happens if I don't like how my hair turns out?

Quality-Guaranteed, always. Our stylists are the best of the best, and we stand behind the quality of their services. If you aren’t satisfied with your service, we’ll pay for it to be redone.

Are you still offering Wig Customizations and Mayvenn Install appointments?

Yes, we are still offering free Mayvenn Installs - where you purchase hair from us, and we pay for you to get it installed by a top local stylist. Just choose Mayvenn Install from the menu on our site.

Want a free Wig Customization for your new unit?

Get a free Wig Customization by one of our licensed stylists when you purchase a Virgin Lace Front Wig or Virgin 360 Wig from us. You’ll be able to add it in your cart (for free!) when you check out. Wig Customizations include bleaching the knots, tinting and cutting the lace, and hairline customization.

Whether you wear wigs, weave or natural hair, we can’t wait to see you. Head here to learn even more about our latest service offerings.

Mayvenn stylist with personal protective equipment in salon

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use hair I didn’t buy at Mayvenn for a service?

Yes, you can use hair you didn’t buy with Mayvenn for your service. Or, you can buy hair from Mayvenn for your appointment. It’s up to you.

Will you do a wig install for a wig I didn’t buy from Mayvenn?

Yes, you can just book the wig install like you would any other appointment.

Will you do free Wig Customization on a wig I didn’t buy with Mayvenn?

No. We can install it for you, but if you want a wig that you did not purchase from Mayvenn (meaning that it's not a Mayvenn Lace Front or 360 Lace Wig), then the wig customization is not complimentary.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the service?

If you’re not happy with the service, contact us and we’ll make it right.

Will I be charged for anything at my appointment?

Your voucher will cover everything listed in the service menu. However, if you would like to add any additional services on top of these, you can work that out with your stylist.

Braid Down service

Silk Press service

Weave Maintenance service

Wig Install service