Tax season is in full swing. While we've been laboring all year to make ends meet, the small joy at the end of the financial year is planning how to spend our tax refunds. Instead of blowing money fast Rick Ross style, it's important to plan how to allocate your new funds in a smart way. Whether it's getting ahead on rent, paying down debt, or investing in a new hobby, here are some great ways to spend your refund.

how to spend your tax refund

First things first, before you have fun, make sure to pay yourself first. If you are behind on any of your debts: rent, utility bills, student loans, etc., make sure to pay those back before to spend your tax refund

Imagine rent not only being taken care of for this month, but for the next month as well? That's a blessing! With the extra windfall a tax refund provides, creating a stress-free month (or few months) for yourself is a smart idea.

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how to spend your tax refund

Don't sell yourself short! Find that thing you've always been curious about and try it!

At the end of day, make sure you treat yourself. We all deserve it, and making time for a massage or the spa will do wonders for you in the long run.