Ready for a hair transformation with the best clip in hair extensions? And won't take an insane amount of hours in the salon chair?

Introducing Mayvenn's Seamless Clip-Ins: they're easy to install, easy to blend, and impossibly easy to slay in.

The glorious feature in Mayvenn's new line of clip-ins? They're completely seamless. No more glaring tracks saying peek-a-boo! when you flip your natural tresses a little too fiercely. The weft is constructed with a PU material that blends in with the color of your clip-ins, and fits comfortably against your head. They lie completely flat, and last twice as long as traditional wefted clip-ins.

Not sure how to put in clip ins? We created this quick and easy how-to video that will show you how to install your clip-ins in just a few snaps.

Get ready to have some fun with your hair - no damage necessary.

best clip in hair extensions

Step One: Take the longest clip-in and pop open the clips. This piece goes at the nape of your neck.

best clip in hair extensions

Step Two: Pull out about an inch or two of hair towards your nape and create a clean part.

best clip in hair extensions

Step Three: Open the clips, place the clip right above the section, and snap it into place. Easy peasy!

best clip in hair extensions

Step Four: Once you close the clip, brush out or finger comb the section so there are no tangles.

best clip in hair extensions

Step Five: Continue this process with the longer clip-ins all the way up your head until you get to your crown.

best clip in hair extensions

Take the shorter clip-ins and repeat the process on your sides.

Step Six: Create a 1" part on the side of your head. Place the clip-in at your part and snap it into place.

If you want your look to be thicker, place the clip-ins closer together. For a more natural look, space them a little further apart.

Step Seven: Repeat on the other side.

Step Eight: Brush your hair out and apply a bit of heat (optional) if necessary to blend. Do a twirl, and slay!

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