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how to apply a lace frontal

Kyona is getting a lace frontal installed by Mayvenn stylist Jaguar Da Artist. Applying a lace frontal isn't as difficult you might think. In fact, we're going to show you exactly how to do it in seven easy steps! Follow along as Kyona gets hers installed, and learn how you can get the same flawless look!


1) Black thread 2) 2) C-curved needle 3) Bonding Glue 4) Glue Protectant 5) Rubbing Alcohol 6) Mayvenn Lace Frontal


how to apply a lace frontal

To begin, cornrow your hair straight back into fairly small parts. You want the frontal and the rest of your bundles to lay as close to your scalp as possible. Secure the ends of your cornrows by sewing them down with a C-curved needle and thread.


how to apply a lace frontal

Using your frontal as a guide, take your net and sew it down behind where the frontal would theoretically end. The net is there to make it easier to sew your bundles down, and protects your scalp.


how to apply a lace frontal
Next, take a cotton swab and gently apply some alcohol along your hairline in order to get rid of any dirt and oil. Then, apply a glue protectant so you don't ruin your hairline. We recommend Salon Pro 30 Sec's Weave Wonder Wrap and Robert's Diamond Bond Protective Shield.


how to apply a lace frontal

This step is optional, but Jag likes to take a black colored pencil and mark off where she needs to cut the lace. After accurately marking it, cut off the excess lace.


how to apply a lace frontal

Take your bonding glue and apply it along the hairline where you originally applied the glue protector. Once applied, let the glue dry for **5-7 minutes, allowing it **to get tacky. You'll have to do some research of your own to find the right bonding glue. Everyone's skin is different, and bonding glues vary based on skin type.


how to apply a lace frontal

Starting from one side, place the frontal firmly on top of the glued area. Continue to press down the frontal into the glue as you move along from one side to the other. Then, use your comb to help press down the edge of the frontal, and also to move any baby hairs out of the way.


how to apply a lace frontal

Almost done! To make sure your lace front is firmly in place, use a blow dryer to fully cement the glue while pressing the lace front down. Alternatively, you can tie it down with a scarf for 15-30 minutes. Use your needle and thread to sew the back of the frontal down.

You did it! All done!

how to apply a lace frontal

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