Nothing rings in the holiday season quite like grabbing a cup of hot cocoa and cozying up on the couch with a blanket and a movie. Hold the cream with that cocoa because we're talking about classic black films that never get old!

We decided to recreate our favorite hairstyles from these films with a modern twist. Ever wondered what Bernadine's dramatic cut would look like in 2016? How about Cleo's thug-nificent cornrows? We've re-styled all of our beloved characters for the 2010's and we think you'll enjoy their new looks.

Watch the full video at the end of this post!

All the hair being modeled in the video is by Mayvenn.

New New - ATL

best black movies

Why do they call her New New? Because she always rocks that New** New** sh*t. Shop this look here.

Cleo - Set It Off

best black movies

"We ain't robbing stagecoaches, man! We need something to set it off with."

Nisi - B.A.P.S

best black movies

Eccentricity is an understatement when it comes to this Black African Princess. Shop this look here.

Bernadine - Waiting To Exhale (pt.1)

best black movies

Keep your man close, and your scissors closer. Shop this look here.

Bernadine - Waiting To Exhale (pt.2)

best black movies

How Bernadine goes natural and gets her groove back. Shop this look here.

Imani - Coming To America

best black movies

Watch the full video below:

Which films do you consider to be the best black movies?